ジャマイカからの直送、(24 本 ) Magnum Tonic Wine (マグナムトニックワイン) です。お手元に届くまで、4週間〜7週間かかります。輸送番号が発行になり次第、お伝えいたします。その番号にて、輸送状況を確認することができます。



24 bottles of Magnum Tonic Wine shipped directly from Jamaica to your door step with 4-7 weeks. A tracking number will be provided so you can check the delivery status of your package.

Since its debut in 1999, Magnum Tonic Wine was a hit with the Dancehall culture in Jamaica. It has grown and has become a major partner and critical sponsor of reggae events, helping to build? and preserve Jamaican culture. The drink it self is splendid and as you may know, it increases sexual stamina in men.
Serve chilled or in a host of? cocktails. Store in cool and dry conditions.
Alcohol content 16.5%
Magnum is made with Vigorton 2, which includes iron, minerals and vitamin B6.


Note: Do not use COD as your payment method when purchasing goods shipped directly from Jamaica. The order will be canceled.

Please be on the lookout for your package and check the tracking number provided to see the status after a few weeks (2-3 weeks). Be sure to collect your package or look out for the delivery slip in your post box.? If your package was undelivered for a number of times, it will be sent back to Jamaica and you will have to pay to have it re-shipped. Please be on the lookout for your package.?