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Jamaican Style Banana Chips

10 packs


  • Made in Japan by a Jamaican.

  • Made with fresh salted green bananas.

  • 4 flavors to choose from: Salted, Jerk, Misou & black pepper.

  • Delivered in 2-3 days.



The JAHMIN Gift Set

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The most talked about erotic stories from the mind of an anonymous Jamaican.

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Survival Jamaican Erotic Stories

You have done it again, I wont give away any details for the sake of my classmates who haven’t read yet but I must say, I am still on the first story but I am loving it so far, yuh nuh disappoint at allllll, your talent and writing skills are absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing with us


Jamdung Stories!!! Or should I say Kim Lee?!!Heeey!!! My compliments to the writer… Mi rhaatid me nu have words… anybody else start read yet? Mi nu wah say nuttn but me wrap up inna da one ya mi emotions all ova di place to kakka faut🥹🥹 This is something… mi nah say nuttn more fi spoil it for anybody who nu start or get it yet… just WOW


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