? 鶏           1/2羽分
フレッシュタイム    4〜5枝
玉ねぎ         1個
にんじん        1本
トマト         1個
ニンニク        2カケ
しょうが        1/2カケ
ジャガイモ       3個
ライム         1個
カレー粉       大さじ5
オールスパイス    大さじ3
黒胡椒        大さじ3
塩          小さじ2〜3(要加減)
唐辛子        1/2〜1本(辛みの好み量)
サラダ油        大さじ1
バター         大さじ2
水(又はチキンスープ) 2カップ

  • 1.まずはじゃがいもを1.5センチ位の輪切りにして水に浸します。
  • 2.玉ねぎ、トマト、ニンニク、しょうがは、みじん切りにします。
  • 3.できたら冷蔵庫で数時間寝かせます。
  • 4.フライパンに油をしき冷蔵庫から取り出した材料を全て炒めます。
  • 5.火が全体的に通って水分が無くなってきたら水を入れます。
  • 6.沸騰したらじゃがいもとバターを入れます。
  • 7.入れたら、弱火でゆっくり1〜2時間時々かき混ぜながら煮詰めます。

Jamaican curry chicken ! Hot and steaming!

Try making it yourself with? ” Betapac curry”, The award wining Jamaican curry powder!

Recipe is below ! Enjoy



1 1/2 lbs chicken
2 tsp Jamaican curry
1 1/2 onion
1 tbsp seasoning salt or table salt

  • Optional
    1 tsp black peper
    1 scotch bonnet pepper(very hot so if you cannot handle pepper, do not use)
    2 thyme


  • 1. Cut chicken into small pieces.
  • 2. slice onions into small pieces and add to chicken (add thyme and a small amout of black pepper if you want a little heat…you can add scotch bonnet pepper instead of black pepper if you choose, but bear in mind that this pepper is very hot, so use sparingly).
  • 3. Add seasoning salt to taste.
  • 4. Mix in all seasoning to ensure that they are evenly pread throughout the chicken.
  • 5. Put oil in cooking pot and place on fire.
  • 6. Add curry to hot oil and mix in for 15 seconds.
  • 7. Add seasoned chicken to the oil and mix in until curry spreads all over the chicken.
  • 8. Cover and cook slowly on a low flame.
  • 9. Watch fluid level as chicken cooks (chicken will develop its own) if too low add small amount of water.
  • 10. When chicken is fully cooked, throw off fluid in a skillet.
  • 11. Place the skillet on high flame until most of the water evaporates and you are left with leave a nice thick gravy.
  • 12. throw this gravy on top of and over the cooked curry chicken.
  • 10. Serve over white rice, bread, pasta, rice and peas, mashed potatoes, or cooked vegetables.